Long time, No Blog

After not having blogged in a month of Sundays, I thought it only made sense to pull the plug on these scribbles. I do not know why I am back here, doing what I gave up doing eons ago. Be it because of a random reader who would like to read some more, or an old friend who would like me to write more, or a polite acquaintance who is trying to be just that. For the sake of a heap of memories and thoughts waiting to be materialized into words, or possibly just because I want to/have to/need to. I am considering blogging again, for what it's worth. This is not being easy on me but I am up for it. Hope to see me around a little more often !


sagar said...

happy blogging :)

NIthin Reddy said...

Tempted to write.. but words escape my mind.
Can't say "Welcome back!!!" - well, I am the guest!!.:):)

Keep writing. Will come back to read...


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